Greetings and welcome to Fierce Fitness ATX!

I am a wife/mom/health and wellness enthusiast and constant student. I started my classes as a side hustle a few years ago. I have relied on my pursuits to keep me moderately healthy and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, found myself wanting to really invest in myself and my health, and to help others to do the same. I hope to provide more than just workouts; I hope to share and build a community atmosphere of like-minded health seekers that are welcoming, nurturing, and supportive of each other.

This site, which will include a blog/vlog, free and premium content, and links to other sites, is the beginning of the community I hope to build, uplift, grow, and connect. It is borne out of my love and concern for the health and well-being of all and is predicated on the fact that we are on a journey, a continuum of becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

Here, you will only find encouragement and acceptance. I offer no judgments, but will share affirmations and validations that you are enough and the desire to become healthier in whatever way you chose will be supported.

Here you will find the following:

  • My personal triumphs and struggles regarding weight loss, improving health and fitness, goal-setting, and self-love and acceptance
  • Posts within my lane (I am NOT a medical doctor but do have formal training and professional, quality expertise in some areas) including issues/research about public health, rehab after injury/sedentary periods, fitness, basic dietary information as it relates to improving health and fitness to name a few. Please check out my full bio here.
  • Videos/links to workouts that may not be for everyone (please consult your physician before beginning any type of exercise program or dietary changes)
  • Appropriate comments, questions, and thoughts of the community (those that are not in the vein of support or decency will be deleted)

I am excited for this site to be a connector in a larger community of health and wellness seekers! I look forward to learning and growing with each of you!

Leslie, Founder of Fierce Fitness ATX

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