On the wings of Juneteenth and America’s Independence Day, I thought it a good time to dedicate the remainder of the month to being free. In the current politicized racial disharmony, freedom is being discussed as it means so many different things to so many different people. While I am not going to get into that aspect of the conversation here, I decided to ask those that know me and are on a journey like me to improve awareness and metrics pertaining to our health and fitness levels to consider the following: What bad habits are like shackles and are impeding your progress? Do you feel enslaved by salt, sugar, or fast food? Does your mind and negative self-talk oppress you? Is your relationship with food, exercise, or even healthcare professionals indicative of a need to change your perspective?

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds.

Bob Marley

We are generally harder to ourselves than others. Use this month to reflect on those things or habits that are holding you back. There is no time like the present to work towards liberation from any thing that no longer serves you–toxic relationships, bad habits, or even trauma.

We all have the power to be cycle-breakers. For me, recognizing the very unhealthy all-or-nothing mindset when it came to food AND reconciling that while my parents were good people who loved me, they did not do me any favors in how they shaped my views of food. Giving myself permission to change and still love and admire them went a long way in coming to view food as fuel and not as a reward or crutch.

Give yourself permission to do what is right for you, and set yourself free!

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