Spring, or Vernal, Equinox is here on Saturday, March 20. The seasonal changes brings on increasing amounts of sunlight (read: allergies) and weather that calls you to the outside (read: stock up on elderberry syrup and Benadryl!)

For me, just like it’s opposite Fall, I most enjoy walking. Walking might be the simplest, most enjoyable form of joyful movement, second only to dancing!

It’s All About the Endorphins

We all know that walking is good for your physical health, but did you know that walking for just 30 minutes each day can also significantly improve your mental health, mood, and life? Additional studies show that, as we age, daily walks can decrease cognitive decline and memory loss as well.

The best part? When you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins naturally boost your mood. These happy little guys are what get me to lace up and stroll frequently!

And an added bonus of walking outside for exercise is that you also benefit from breathing fresh air, soaking up the sun, and appreciating your surroundings.

Because walking is rather low impact, you can take a walk with a friend or your family and enjoy a chat and some quality time, which makes it an ideal activity for little ones (my 8 year old loves nature strolls!). Additionally, it also makes a great moving meditation practice! My personal fave!

Walking is the perfect tool to teach your children the value of daily movement and help them find some ways that feel good, enjoy time with your family, take your dog with you, or just get out on your own for some quiet, private time.

All of these are great ways to get those endorphins flowing and feel better!

In the context of our technology-driven (sitting!) and hectic lives, it can be a challenge to fit in these mood-boosting walks. If the long game is not in your schedule, try these ways to get in some bursts! It takes about 100 steps to trigger endorphin release, so check out which ones fit your flow!

12 Creative Ways to Add 100 Steps a Day

Adding more steps to your daily routine is an easy way boost endorphins, melt stress, or clear your mind. Walking as a joyful movement should be done at a pace or intensity that feels good physically. You are free to boost it up whenever you like, but I am not talking about in terms of a calorie-burning modality (although it certainly can be.) I am just giving some tips on how to make it enjoyable and fit it in!

Take More Steps at Home

Travel, foul weather, and family obligations sometimes make it difficult to go to the park or get in longer walks. Look for ways to get on your feet in the comfort of your own home.

Do Chores •Vacuuming two rooms can yield those 100 steps quickly, even more if you’re working on your stairs. For an outdoor challenge, trade in your riding mower for a push version. Those steps will quickly add up to 100 and you will reap the benefits of sunshine and fresh air–and the smell of cut grass is so sweet!
Break for Commercials •Turn TV viewing into a real mood-booster by marching in place during commercials. These breaks are also good for quick chores like going to the mailbox or taking out the trash.
Set Your Alarm •Your home is probably loaded with distractions that tend to keep you sedentary. If you have noticed some trends in attitude dips or less creativity, program your phone to give you an hourly reminder at those times so get a stretch as well as cheerful relief from the slump in mood or energy level the natural way!
Play with Your Kids •Most small children need no encouragement to run around. Install a basketball hoop in your driveway so you can play ball in the evenings. Go roller-skating on weekends. Sneak in a couple rounds of hide and seek or the floor is lava! Favorites that unleash endorphins as well as fits of giggles!

Take More Steps at Work

According to the Bureau of Labor, the average American employee spends almost 9 hours each day seated at work or on work-related activities. There is also plenty of opportunities to sneak the hundred or so steps needed for an at-the-office pick-me-up that is not caffeinated and more satisfying.

Phone It In •Place your phone calls standing up. Pace around while you’re chatting with colleagues and clients. Bonus: if you have a standing desk, the natural tendency to pace can add those steps in quickly.
Go Out for Lunch •Spend your lunch hour strolling through a local shopping district or public garden. Place take-out orders you can pick up yourself instead of waiting for delivery. Also, look into eating outdoors on the facility grounds; you can take your time and stroll back to your desk which will also help with digestion!
Schedule Walking Meetings •Suggest making your next staff meeting a walking session. Moving around increases alertness and stimulates creative thinking. This is best achieved in small or coaching meetings, but worth it!
Adjust Your Commute •Maybe you can walk to work. If the distance is too far, you can still park your car farther away from your office or train station so you can travel the last mile on foot. You can always opt for stairs (even if it just part of the climb if you work on the 78th floor of a high rise!)

Take More Steps Anywhere

Once you start reaping the benefits that a few extra steps here and there, you’ll see opportunities wherever you go to make walking more enjoyable. Put your imagination to work and you may find the desire to take longer walks or enjoy the spurts even more frequently.

Listen to Music •If you find walking boring, try adding a soundtrack or an engaging podcast. I frequently listen to affirmations or audiobooks on walks and feel better from the endorphins and can practice some personal development. It’s winning, squared! •Find a Buddy •Double the benefits of walking by sharing them with someone you care about. Invite your family to join you after dinner for a stroll around the neighborhood. Invite a friend along when you’re going to browse around the local farmer’s market.
Vary Your Pace • Alternating walking speed will help you to get those steps in faster and may increase the number of steps. It can be a fun way to break up the strolling and challenge you in a different way. On the other hand, if you’re feeling fatigued, listen to your body and slow down. Working at your own pace is preferable as the mini-walks
Use Technology •If you want to continue making progress, keep setting new goals. Evaluate your efforts by counting your steps with a simple pedometer or a deluxe fitness trackers.

BONUS: Of course, the bonus tip is a no-brainer. For me, it combines the nest of both worlds!

  • Dance to the music. Don’t be shy! Turn up your favorite music and dance with abandon! Dancing is not only fun, but it’s also a terrific way to rack up steps and endorphins! For every mood, taste, and preference, there is a genre of music and dance style. You can always make up your own steps! I frequently dance-walk and before I know, I have traveled quite a distance and feel just energized and blissful!

Tell me what works for you when you need a quick and easy mood boost? How will you take advantage of the Spring Season?

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