Black woman fanning herself with two fans. Black-ish, ABC.

I live in Texas. So, yeah. Summers with Satan are a’coming. It is still spring because the Earth has not fully tilted toward the Sun yet but here were are a balmy 90 degrees (the humidity keeping the temps from reaching triple digits) with the solar system’s promise of more heat to come!

What I have come to appreciate, though, is the long growing season. Enter lovely, lush salad greens, succulent squash, savory herbs, and sweet little root veggies–all with relatively low effort! Today is Eat Your Veggies Day and tomorrow is International Picnic Day–just in time to feel your pre-summer vibes! You can even participate in Sauntering Day with a little easy stroll (Read joyful movement!) Do all at once for TRIPLE the fun!

Food Freedom and Gentle Nutrition

As a HAES-informed personal trainer and wellness coach, I am mindful about the messages I send when it comes to food, eating habits, and nutrition. However, folks seem to think that this framework throws all actual knowledge about nutrition out of the window, but that is not the case at all!

I encourage people to listen to their bodies and strive to eat in a balance for their unique needs. As we all know, or can imagine, that what you have a taste for, have access to, or the amount you desire are all dynamic variables. Note: it is GENTLE. Is it not about obsessing or creating new crazy food rules for yourself. It is really about doing what feels and tastes good and fuels your marvelous body with some nutrients so that your health is positively impacted.

Veggies, a Picnic, and Walk

If you are interested in improving your health by nourishing your body, these fun little days offer a trifecta of opportunity! They all have the potential to provide health benefits that can support you in your unique journey!

Veggies are:

  • Full of nutrients, vitamins and nutrients
  • Taste good (fight me!) and can be prepared a variety of ways
  • Can be thrown into soups, salads, or smoothies for quick and easy meals and snacks

Picnics are:

  • A fun place to eat veggies!
  • an accesible way to get you outside and into fresh air
  • a pleasant way to reconnect you with nature which is natural pick-me-up!

Sauntering, or walking is:

  • an natural way to help digest your picnic (and those veggies!)
  • an joyful way to move your body, and if it is not, don’t!
  • an easy foray into movement and can even be moving meditation as the pace is determined by you (listen to your body!)

I would love it if you would share some ideas or thoughts you have about improving your health in small, sustainable, ways that honor your body! Like, share, and follow this blog please! I appreciate you!

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