Have you been struggling with a negative or lack mindset? Do you have a hard time balancing your moods, or you don’t understand why you can’t seem to focus? These are all common signs of needing a shift in your mindset and luckily, I’m here to help you with that.

The fall season is an excellent time to start shifting your mindset and developing habits not just for your body, but your mind and spirit as well.

The Changing of the Seasons

As the leaves change in the fall, the seasons of your life also change. This can be a wonderfully transformative time in your life, which is why the fall season is great for changing your mindset. You might notice that near the beginning of the fall season, you just feel like you want to do something different. Pick up a new hobby, start a business, develop a new workout program, or find a creative activity. .This is completely normal and a great way to improve your mindset.

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

Fall is a Time for Resting and Recharging

While earlier seasons in the year call for more productivity and getting more done, fall is more about adjusting your routines and allowing time for rest and recharging. This can be related to your mindset, about how you feel about work, finances, and your daily life. Recharging is not about completely changing your lifestyle, but getting a little more rest, enjoying time with friends, and not feeling like every second of your day has to be productive.

Comfort Leads to a More Positive Mindset

If you have had a negative mindset recently, allowing more comfort and rest into your life can make it more positive. You begin to relax when you add comfort into your life in the fall season, which then helps you see what is most important to you. You find clarity in those calm, quiet moments where you feel at ease and free of stress or worries. This is when you feel truly yourself and discover what shifts you want to make in your life.

Mindful Eating Mindset

Eating is pleasurable. But think about the last time you really tasted, smelled, or savored your food. It looks and smells good and twenty minutes later your plate is either empty because you inhaled it, half chewed, or it’s cold because you are distracted by blings, rings, and beeps from devices. Funny, eating is one of the few things over which we have utter control and we pass that control over to inanimate things. And folks are worried about AI robots taking over!

You Set Priorities in Your Life

Setting priorities in your life is so important when it comes to making positive shifts in your mindset. As you begin to develop a growth mindset, you feel more positive, and then can better set priorities. You discover what is important to you, and what you want to leave behind. You are really the captain of your destiny and wellness!

Your mindset is how you think about things, how you process different emotions, and what your thought process is like. Everyone has their own mindset, which is often influenced by a myriad of different things. With mindful eating, you want to develop a certain type of awareness in your mindset, but also a lot of positivity and acceptance.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Moment

To shift your mindset about eating and food in general, just slow down and enjoy it! This is truly one of the best things you can do. When you think about food as something to not enjoy, suffer through, or be completely mindless about, that will always be how you think about it. But when you can slow down, enjoy and savor every bite, and be more mindful, your mindset will change dramatically.

Take Away All Judgment or Guilt

You should not experience guilt, shame, or judgment about what you choose to eat or how much you eat during each meal. This is probably a result of past diets you have been on, comments you have had about your body or eating choices, or even what you have heard people say to others about what they can and can’t eat. But the truth is, there is room for any food in your life, as long as you don’t have an allergy or aversion to it.

By understanding that all food is allowed and removing that guilt, you start working on having a more positive and accepting mindset with food.

Flip Every Negative Thought Into an Accepting One

It may not be possible to always turn a negative thought into a positive one, but with mindfulness, you can get to a place of acceptance. It is unrealistic to think your mindset and thought process is going to be 100% positive and uplifting all the time. But what you can do is start flipping those overly negative and judgmental thoughts and instead just accept what is. This is a big part of mindfulness, as you just accept the current moment and where you are right now.

Take a Deep Breath Before Practicing Mindfulness

Breathing techniques are often used with mindfulness because they help to center and ground you. All this takes is spending a few minutes before you start eating to take deep breaths, and focus on your breathing. It is a good way to get into the practice of mindfulness, and can help you clear your mind and go into your meal with the right mindset.

Starting small and simple can help you really make the changes you desire when it comes to food and how you fuel your body! Jumpstart your mindful eating journey and download a free guide that can help you dig deep into your beliefs and values around food and get practical, proven tips to shift your eating in a week!

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