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Living, loving, laughing, and eating in Austin, TX with my husband and two daughters.

Meet Coach Leslie

I am Leslie Jordan Garcia, MBA/MPH (pronouns: she/hers/ma’am!) I am a multi-certified Transformational Intuitive Life and Wellness Coach, speaker and writer, whose passion is to help smart women achieve their desired quality of life through a holistic and healing mindset.

Critical to my healing relationship with food and dysfunctional eating patterns was to break free from diet culture. I coach within Health At Every Size® and diverse bodies frameworks. This means that I strive to create an inclusive environment and receive all clients with compassion, respect, and the belief that all bodies are capable of improving their health and learn ways to take better care of themselves. This means I value you-just as you are.

Ahh…The Early Years

Growing up in a small “Huxtable-esque” family in an Oklahoma City suburb is how I recall my childhood. I was basically happy, loved, and content. The well-intentioned parenting and raising had served my parents, so they did what they knew and thought was best.

Achievement and ability was rewarded in my family and in the society we lived in. As a result, I was expected to behave and accomplish at the top of my talent “threshold” and how I felt was not considered. There is no shade here. It was just how it was for me and most of the folks I knew.

What I struggled with came much later. I learned the hard way that what I had developed was a fixed mindset. I thought my flaws, struggles, failures were not ever going to change–that I was locked into what I had or got out of life. And I was not equipped to deal with things when they did not go my way.

Fast Forward

Life, huh? Going to school as a single mom was stressful to say the least. It was fine…Or so I thought. I had become a stress eater. With weight gain, I did turn to exercise (figuring out the eating came much later!) It yielded results so I stuck with it–in spite of exhaustion or injury. Whew, chile. But I got to a more “ideal” size, finished school, and went to work in a career that would come with more stress. Education.

Position shifts and short lived honeymoon phases only brought stress (more stress eating) and a new thing–burnout. Feeling fatigued, mood swings, and completely checked out was new and overwhelming. So, I developed some more dysfunctional patterns (restrictive eating followed with binges). Like crazy restrictive fad diets. You name it. Right before I made the leap to only living on sunshine and lettuce, I took a professional development course on the growth mindset. Phenomenal! I made fellow teacher friend and we together we took an intuitive eating course. Life changing!

Not a fairytale, but happy nonetheless

The good news? I changed my mindset, I healed my relationship with food, and recovered from burnout. I now have the training, experience, and expertise from helping others do one or more of the same thing. And I love coaching. It is my passion to help support and empower others in their journey. When we are healthy and happy, we are all able to deepen our impact on the lives of those we love and serve. 💖

One of the most important aspects of the journey was my journaling practice. Oprah does it so it must be right! Seriously, journaling was transformative. I have since taken courses and taught workshops about the benefits of it and always recommend it!

Journaling is a transformative tool that allows you to talk to yourself in an unaltered voice.

Leslie Jordan Garcia

Knowledge and Skill Receipts

Facilitate Healing from Dysfunctional Eating Patterns

Provide Action Plans & Accountability

Providing Tools and Expertise that Impact Wellness

Create Fun, Inspiring, Joyful Movement Content


Program Director/Fitness Instructor @ YMCA of Austin
(2015 – 2021)
Youth and Family programming encompassing development and healthy living. Services and offerings included personal training, wellness coaching for cancer survivors, support coaching for stress management, and family wellness.

Fierce Fitness ATX
(2018- present)
Health At Every Size-aligned personal training, group fitness instruction, and coaching for wellness goals and eating disorder recovery support.

(2013 – 2017)
Training and Demo Instructor for Group Fitness Certification for the ACE program. Responsible for recruitment and modeling of instructional standards for certification.

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