Our Mission

To empower my clients to have clarity of purpose, use effective tools, and to achieve improved quality of all dimensions of life. For them to assert their power, be fueled by passion and joy, to thrive while growing, learning, and realizing the lives they hope to live.

Our History

LJordan Enterprise is the re-imagined and clearly focused entrepreneurial endeavor of Leslie Jordan Garcia. A multi-passionate hustler and helper, this new model brings two existing businesses together.

Began in 2010, Leslie wanted to offer wellness coaching from the perspective of a professional in a marginalized body–a wellness coach that would never fit the “industry standard” but was still a skilled and valuable wellness professional.

The COVID-19 Pandemic was a turning point. It was the catalyst for Leslie to acquire new skills and really hone in on her passions. She emerged from sheltering in place clearer and better able to serve those who were fighting for themselves against the odds of diet culture, information gaps, and food apartheid.

Today, LJordan Enterprise strives to help others through coaching and to advocate for all groups of people that have been systemically displaced and denied education and care.

Contact Us

1 Example Street
Anytown, CA 10100
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