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More about me

I am Leslie Jordan Garcia, MBA/MPH (pronouns: she/hers/ma’am!) I am a Certified PT & Fitness Instructor and Mind/Body Eating Coach. I am here to help you develop a positive relationship with your body and support your health and fitness goals with gentle nutrition and WITHOUT focusing on dieting or weight loss.

Yes. I know. It is counter to the current commentary. But getting to know and accept yourself and listening to what is right for your unique body is what you need to do to live a healthier and happier life. I can help!

I can help because for years after a few non-body related blows to my self-esteem, I began to subconsciously associate my worth in terms of my physical appearance, and then when it changed with babies and other lifestyle habits, I was struggling to feel good about my life and myself. It is pretty damn hard to feel good about yourself when you are in an marginalized body. Black women with locks are not the glamour icon already. Then to be thicker–it was really tough at times. According to the media, I was either an angry Black woman or some over-the-top confident witty ball-shriveling force to be reckoned with. In my reality, I felt like neither of these stereotypical personas. I mean the yo-yo dieting cycle –and the restrict-binge cycle and the nighttime eating–was in full swing and the overall diet culture had permeated my life to the core and even with the weight loss, I did not feel all that happy. My enjoyment was tied to weight gain or loss outcomes. Let me tell you–not cool! I was that cigarette commercial where the person is being controlled by the addiction to nicotine, except I was being ordered around by society’s scale and unattainable beauty standard.

I started exercising as a means to eat what I wanted and to burn stress. Not the best reasons, but it began a shift for me. I found activities that I enjoyed and made friends that supported me no matter what I looked like. I decided I wanted to a live a full and happy life for me and this meant doing the work to get to a place where external standards, judgements, criticisms, and compliments were not as meaningful as my internal voice of acceptance, gratitude, and most importantly, compassion.

This may be the hardest, most courageous work you will ever do. I wish I could say it was easy and I never have a rough day, but neither is true. My weight still fluctuates a little, but at least I can accept that is part of the human experience and that it DOES NOT DEFINE MY VALUE OR WORTH.

You can and deserve to live the life you want, in the body you have-now! 💖


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