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Embracing Body Peace from Within Yourself

Struggling to feel good and live free and confident in your skin is an issue in our society. The messages about beauty, bodies, and worth are oppressive and unfounded. These messages hurt. The treatment you have experienced for not fitting the standard is harmful. The problem is truly not your body. It is society.

But here you are–doing the hard work to divest from this culture. You will have the opportunity to explore what body acceptance and love looks like for you on a personal level. Through this exploration, we will strive to create lasting body peace by embracing self-acceptance as well as acceptance of others within systems of oppression.

Introducing the Foundations of Body Confidence Course, a special online course designed specifically for individuals who have been forced to the margins. It is a culture, identity, and size affirming course for those seeking to explore ways to heal their relationship with their bodies as an act of survival, revolution, and self-care.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Breakdown of frameworks that are combatting the current narrative of body hierarchy
  2. Learn strategies to manage urges without resorting to dieting or intentional weight loss
  3. Develop self-awareness and self-compassion as you reconnect and accept your body
  4. Explore support and community as harm reduction and care strategy

Are you looking for ways to find body peace in an oppressive world? In this self-paced course, you’ll uncover the systems of oppression that shape our cultural beliefs about beauty and learn strategies for breaking free from diet culture’s oppressive power. Most importantly, you’ll discover practical tools for creating lasting body peace through self-love and acceptance of others. Join us today to find true body peace in a decolonized, anti-diet culture!

Together, we can break the chains of oppression, build resilience, and create a nurturing, empowering relationship with our bodies. Enroll in the Foundations to Body Confidence Course today and start your transformative journey now.

Learn to look within to build and replenish body confidence and peace

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Foundations of Body Confidence Course

Self-paced online course that helps lay the foundation of body peace and confidence from within and in spite of systems that uphold body hierarchy and marginalization.


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