Testimonial 1

Case Study: La’Terrica A. : Learning to Live Fearlessly

La’Terrica was a lady of average size who had self-diagnosed herself as an emotional eater. She was educated and always found herself unhappy in her career. She really wanted to the take plunge in MLM, but doubted her ability to succeed.

Suffering from severe eczema in highly visible areas, her confidence had taken a hit over the years. She was educated but unhappy in her career, single and really wanted a child. As she reflected on her life, she realized she had been using eating as a coping strategy. During the pandemic, she realized she would walk or severely restrict at other meals or for days to “earn” the comfort foods she really wanted to eat.

She also wanted to start in a beauty MLM and start to earn for herself on her own time but was doubtful that she could succeed but she took the leap and invested. However, the natural ebb and flow of sales added to her low confidence and deepened her dependency on food.

Through our connections, I reached out to her and shared my coaching services with her. We identified that we would partner to reduce the occurrences of emotional eating and learn two new coping strategies. We worked together for 6 months.

During the customized program, La’Terrica was able to learn her triggers, where they originated, and we replaced that eating behavior habit with a mindfulness habit to cope with the strong emotions that triggered her eating. Additionally, we completed some mindset work and boosted her confidence, as measure by her booking calls, internet marketing, and increased sales.

La’Terrica was able to get the support and cognitive behavior tools she needed within the 4-step framework that the program uses along with ample time to practice those skills, and accountability to apply them until they become the new habit.

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