I am trained in methods that identify the root causes of the kinds of relationships with food or our bodies that don’t serve us. I teach you the systematic process to learn to work with your body instead of fighting it, and ultimately losing.

I work with individuals who:

  • want to enjoy moving and fueling their bodies
  • are ready to listen and respond to their own unique body
  • are ready to move past displeasure for their body and towards acceptance
  • want to improve health that is not necessarily tied to weight loss
  • desire to live a happier, fuller life (and on a full stomach!)

Hear directly from former and current clients:

“Going away to college was stressful enough without worrying about the ‘Freshman 15’. With the goal setting and tools I received from Coach Leslie, I avoided that 15 pound gain and lost an additional 20 (although that was not my focus), improved my fitness capacity, and have kept it off easily for 6 months. I look forward to her workouts which are always fun and adaptable.” –Tatee, Austin, TX

“I originally started with the tools. I did ok, but needed a little more support. I did the 6 month program and was really surprised at the deep inner work involved. I am do not have the model-thin frame, and after 40 years, I am finally ok with that. Better than! I feel beautiful and fully enjoy my life without being tied to someone else’s standards.” Terrica, Atlanta, GA

“I was in ED recovery and just wanted to workout in a way that supported my recovery journey. Leslie was supportive and very helpful. She always did a check in with me before we did anything and there was never any pressure to do something I was not feeling that day. I was able to move my body in a way that honored it and was fun because that was a rule. That switch really served me well. I have moved from Austin, but always catch a class with her when I am in town.” Shawna, Las Vegas, NV

I never thought I was pretty or worthy of compliments. Trying to fit into someone else’s box had taken its toll on my self-esteem and confidence. Coach Leslie helped me learn to appreciate what my body does every day for me. I love her dance videos and her encouragement.

Amanda, Houston, TX

All Bodies are Good Bodies.

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