The Fierce Freedom Blueprint

Welcome, Dear Friend. I’m glad you’re here!

Be Honest. Are you:

  • Tired of trying to shape-shift your body size and shape?
  • Feeling shame or guilt about your current level of wellness?
  • Lacking energy and motivation and getting through the day is a huge physical and emotional drain?
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and can’t seem to hear your own voice for all of the outside “noise”?
  • Stressed or downright terrified about unexpected changes to your body size, shape, or wellness?
  • Confused by all the messaging about what you should be feeling or doing?
  • Realizing you are not living the life you want or deserve?

I have been there and I can help you!

I do things differently:

  • I don’t believe that you, your food, or your body are problems to be solved.
  • I believe that you can learn and maintain any health-promoting behavior.
  • I don’t believe that health is a one-size-fits-all and that only you can define what health and success look like for you–and that it may look different day-to-day.
  • I do believe that it is necessary to divest from diet culture in order to reconnect to yourself and reclaim the body trust necessary to improve all facets of your wellness.
  • My proprietary MEND framework integrates thought processes, eating behaviors, body image work, and life coaching needed for your success.

I am on a mission to change this for you and for the future generations of women to come!

Are you ready to break the chains holding you back?

In this program, you will reconnect with your true self to:

  • Uncover the root causes of your undesired relationships with food and your body
  • Unlearn the eating and coping patterns that do not serve your personal and wellness goals
  • Reclaim the food and movement that you enjoy
  • Manage society and other external voices and messaging about you, your food, your body, and your wellbeing
  • Build confidence in yourself and learn how to recover from setbacks
  • Utilize self-care and self-compassion to restore and repair yourself on a deep level
  • Heal to a place where you can eat, move, and live with more ease and more joy

Imagine in 6 months:

  • Quitting Yo-Yo Dieting for good
  • Experiencing unconditional Body Acceptance, Appreciation, and Confidently wearing clothes you love!
  • Energy to move joyfully and keep up with your life
  • Being in community with yourself and strengthening bonds with others on a similar journey
  • Feeling in control of your body, mind, and spirit and empowered to trust yourself.
  • Living a full, balanced, joy-filled life–on a full stomach!

You deserve it. And now you can have it!

You can break free from the chains holding you back!

You are not alone. You are not to blame. The $70 Billion Dollar weight loss industry AKA diet culture is extremely invested in your shame and insecurity. Its messaging permeates all facets of life and society. It is no wonder that women are suffering from not just low self-esteem, but preventable illnesses like heart disease, chronic stress and burnout, and depression and anxiety.

How many more years or dollars are you willing to throw away? How well has obsessing about the foods you eat (or don’t eat) served you so far? How has struggling to change your body AGAINST it’s will lasted? How many events are you going to miss because you don’t feel like you can show up as you are?

Diet culture binds us with lies. But you can say NO MORE today.

Your breakthrough is HERE.

That is where I come in. I help you learn the mindset and skillset that you were not taught (because our thin-obsessed culture doesn’t positively reinforce it)! You do not need to resize or reshape your body–your thoughts need to be reshaped!

The solution? A Guided Coaching program that will teach you the tools along the path to freedom!

That is what The Fierce Freedom Blueprint is all about. Breaking free and living a full life, as your own fierce and free advocate and best advisor!

Module 1|Align Expanding Health

Learn about Health at Every Size, writing your own version of health, and advocating for yourself with professionals and clinicians.

Module 2|Reclaim

All Foods Fit

Find an abundance mindset with food, discovering satisfaction and unlearning harmful food beliefs, and moving past feelings of guilt and shame around eating.

Module 3|Recover Disordered Eating Patterns

Uncover and unlearn unhelpful types of emotional and binge eating and how to disrupt the cycle and also how to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger.

Module 4|Mindful

Whole Body Eating

Learn how to use the mind, body, and soul to make food decisions for enjoyment and nourishment. Know that you can give yourself unconditional permission to eat.

Module 5|Confident

Body Work

Uncover your deepest beliefs about your body, learn a process for coming home to our body, all while redefining your relationship with movement and fashion!

Module 6|Self-care

Whole Person Nourishment

Explore emotional self-care, mindfulness and reflective practices. Receive coaching with take-away tools that care for your needs and create mental space for enjoying life in the present moment

The Coaching Framework: M.E.N.D.

You will also get these bonuses to support your journey:

This program gets you to FREEDOM!

Check out what participants have to say:

I can’t even tell you how much I love your course! I loved the supportive community that you built. I just thought you should know how much it means to be accepted as I am on my journey and how what I learned really set me on my way.

—Erin S. Elementary Paraprofessional

I finally feel like I am able to breathe. I am not fixated on ‘earning my food’. I am not afraid to feel strong emotions anymore. My life is fuller now. I gained confidence to adopt and am living a new level of wellness and happiness.

— Terrica A. – Social Worker

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