Work With Me

You get some love. You get some love. And you get some LOVE!

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

Oprah Winfrey

My tools empower and encourage success!

People need support to thrive. As a coach I work with you, without judgement or feigned interest. I am a skilled coach who helps uncover the traps of self-serving bias and help you see new possibilities amid distractions.

Understanding your challenges and deeply held beliefs is the first step to overcoming them. We all face challenges that are specific to us and our experiences. It is in the commonalities of these feelings where a connection to someone who can help is possible.

Lifestyle changes are key, but let’s be honest…change requires effort, dedication, and the right tools. Taking the steps to live your best life may be the hardest, most courageous, and rewarding work you will do. But, you will not do it alone.

Work With Me

Discovery Call

This is the first step on our journey together. We will use this time to assess your health-seeker personality, your short and long term wellness goals are, and to discover how my programs may be a fit for you.

$1 booking fee. Applied to any program enrollment.
Strategy Call

This call will troubleshoot and and identify your biggest immediate obstacle. Actionable feedback and laser-coaching from the heart will clarify that issue, build a plan to tackle that issue, and provide tools needed.

$200 USD. No refunds with cancellation <24 hours.
Accountability Call

This call is designed to provide that high-level feedback and heartfelt encouragement to make sure that the strategies are working for you at each point of progress along your wellness journey!

$75 a la carte. Included in 1:1 program structures.

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