Reads If you look inside yourself, and you believe, you can be your own hero, by Mariah Carey in white letters against a lilac background next to a woman looking for something and her shadow is on the wall behind her with a cape like a super hero.

In the Beginning

I was working in non-profit management and asked for a raise. They said no. I gave my notice. I had a month to figure out how I was going to take my side hustle to a full time business. The next few weeks I spent convincing myself I was not crazy so I got a business coach and promised my husband if I could not get it going in a few months I would find a new job. Outwardly, I smiled and laughed and spoke to this overwhelming sense of relief. Man, I had to get up and do the damn thang!

The Middle

I was scrambling. Imposter syndrome was an understatement. I was fortunate to have found some clients for some personal training that was bringing in some income (not enough!) and I had stayed on with the non-profit teaching some fitness classes. I had some other random writing gigs that carried me but the looming threat of having to work outside of my passion was the match I needed to light a fire under this arse. Two months out from a full-time check, I decided it was time to get out there in a big way. FAST.

The Ending

It is not over by any means. I am looking to change the lives of women like me–or like I was once. Lying awake at night worried about if I could eat the last piece of lasagna without waking folks up. Or scared that if I did not get my eating under control I would develop all the diseases and die too early to see my daughter grow up.

My why is simple, as you may have guessed. I am a recovered binge eater. I had the help and support of a phenomenal coach and I honor her memory every time I give a tip or help another women live free from food rules and move throughout this glorious life with more joy. When women are balanced and well, we lift other up. There is a power in helping other women!

Ladies, if you need some skilled, empathetic, non-judgmental support, reach out to me right here.

I believe that you have the inner strength to be your own hero!

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