This month, I am sharing about ways to rekindle joy and fun in movement. So, if you are looking for a great way to move your body, dancing is a fun (and my absolute favorite) way to get your body moving. Dancing can be done no matter your age or ability level. One can dance standing, from a chair, or even lying down in bed! All you need is your idea of good music and space to move safely. From finger dancing in the car to a dance party in your living room, dancing enables you to move and express yourself without rules or restriction!

Here are some amazing benefits of dancing that will inspire you to get moving:

  • Dancing increases your heart rate, which is great for cardiovascular health
  • Dancing causes serotonin levels to increase (nature’s mood stabilizers)
  • Dancing is aerobic and can burn calories while you’re having fun
  • Dancing builds muscle and fine motor skills, improving agility and stamina
  • Dancing is a form of expression that transcends differences and creates common ground in groups
  • Dancing is a great escape from stress or anxiety and can help revive the spirit
  • Dancing is a form of worship and restoration of the soul

Dancing comes in many styles and is a true form of self-expression. From formalized dancing to freestyle, unbridled movement, dancing can be experienced by anyone anywhere. It is universally understood and undeniably a way to unite all ages, genders, and affiliations. 

There is no wrong way to dance. Your preference might be taking classes or participating in a group setting. You may love dancing alone or in the club. Your favorite way to dance might be with your kids or under the stars with your spouse. There is no limit to where, when, and how you can dance.
Some possible dance options are:

  • Taking Zumba or U-Jam Fitness classes
  • Community College courses in dance
  • Organized dance troops for tap, jazz, modern dance, or others
  • Watching dance videos
  • Dancing at a concert
  • Creating a playlist for at-home dance parties
  • Playing dance-based video games

The options truly are limitless, and there is no way you can go wrong. Here are some ideas to get you excited about creating a personalized dance plan:

  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs. Consider multiple lists for different moods or occasions. Choose your list based on what feels right in the moment and dance away.
  • Join a group that meets regularly. Build new relationships and social experiences through dance.
  • Watch street performers dance for entertainment and be inspired by their passion.
  • Attend a ballet or dance competition and expand your exposure to multiple dance genres.

Being a dancer requires no skill, nearly zero financial investment, and can only bring you positive outcomes. No matter what sort of music you love, your body can benefit from moving with the beat – so turn up the music and start dancing!

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