Bring in Spring Like a Boss!

Pink Tulips in bloom in a field. Caption reads “What will you spring forward towards?”

Spring is officially here! I, like others, are feeling this spring a little more deeply and with greater excitement. This year, there is the promise of mingling and socializing more after surviving a pandemic. It is not totally over, but it seems like this Omicron has been declining without another deadly variant on its heels. I am grateful to be able to figuratively and literally breathe and enjoy the respite!

When you think of spring cleaning, you may have an image in your mind of family members gathering around with brooms, mops, storage containers, and trash bags. That’s because spring is a good time to make your home and workspaces sparkling clean and clutter free. It goes right along with the breeziness of the season and nature’s timing of making room for what is to come.

In places that are driven by development and technology, there can be a disconnect from the rhythm of nature. Buildings, schedules, and practices make some seasonal alignment less necessary. Food storage, transportation of goods, access to foods and places, highly mobile work practices, and year-round productivity are a few reasons why we may not pay attention to the seasons as much. In other places, however, strong and deep connection to the cycles of nature are the only way of life and Mother Nature reigns supreme as she dictates the pace and schedule of everyday living.

Both ways are valuable. Although I am excited about the possibilities of spring, I find myself in some ways reluctant to just give up the slower pace of living that I enjoyed as a result of the pandemic. I am speaking from a place of some privilege in that I was able to shelter-in-place safely, work from home, and still have access to the conveniences of urban life. My family is emerging untouched by illness and loss and for that I am more than grateful. So, I don’t make the comment that I enjoyed it lightly–I am acutely aware that is not the case for others. The forced change of pace was enlightening.

I shifted from working for the non-profit sector to full-time entrepreneurship and as I struggle and work to make that a successful endeavor, I have learned that my needs and abilities are in a constant ebb and flow. This spring, I am deeply feeling the need to purge and release in many areas of my life this spring.

This spring, I am tackling five major areas that will help support my goals and well-being overall.

  • Consciously practicing Gentle Nutrition. There are some habits I need to stop and there are some I would like to add to support on-going improvement in my wellness overall.
  • Leveling Up my Physical Self-care. I do self-care, but it is almost all directed towards my mental health only. I would like to have some more comprehensive self-care tools in my tool-kit. If you looking to move a little more, check this out!
  • Controlling Chaos and Clutter of all kinds. Look out–bout to take Marie Kondo to whole new level!
  • Cleansing and Expanding My Thoughts. When you open yourself to new situations and ideas, you’ll bring a new freshness and more opportunities into your life. It might feel safe to stay closed off, but eventually you’ll feel that things have become stale.
  • Clean up Relationships Across all Dimensions. I know I have been a little lax in many of my relationships socially and professionally. I am going to use this spring to reconnect and release those where we are not in service to each other!

I am going to run a mini-series on these five areas over on Instagram! Follow along here! Also, I offer a Spring Cleaning Coaching Program to those who want more guidance and personalized coaching to set themselves up for awesome success for the second half of the year! Contact me here if interested in using a coach to fast-track your clarity and growth!

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